Monday, February 24, 2014


Overpopulation - scary stuff, that. Anyway it scares me. A lot of us enlightened westerners imagine modern utopias where the local society is as connected & supportive as back in the bad old days, back when being pushed out meant death or at least misery. There will be roof gardens with beehives, solar panels & a big windmill at the end of the road. Homegrown produce, recycling, zero growth, fellowship. It's already happening here & there. Neighborhood dinner clubs, urban greenhouses, electric cars, clothes & tool swaps, people taking care of each other. Even old fogies get a chance to form elder communes - olle kolle in Danish - that will stave off the inevitable trip to the nursing home. It's beautiful.
       It's also exclusive. Many million people on the planet are nowhere in these cozy plans. The planners ignore them because there's nothing else to do. They/we/I wish they would just go away.
Of course they won't. They will keep on keeping on as they always have, having many children, using up all the resources they can find, settling in nature preserves & burning the wood, poaching, generally making a mess. They are a whole lot better than the mining, logging & oil companies out to grab whatever they can, aided & abetted by various multi-nationals & corrupt governments, but they are still in the way of the modern utopia. They are just so annoying.
       The best thing for the planet would be to exactly achieve zero growth, stop producing a bunch of useless luxury products, dumb-ass toys no kid would miss, gas guzzler cars. And pop off half the population. Robots are going to take most of the jobs anyway, not? So as a little mental exercise, who has to go?

       We'll start with pedophiles, human traffickers, wife-&-kid beaters, tyrants & torturers, rapists. No protests there, right? Moving on to terrorists, bigtime bullies & fanatics of every stripe, swindlers, gangsters, psychopaths (one might be your boss), the mining, logging & oil companies + those who cooperate with them (okay - going to be impractical), corrupt politicians generally (there went the entire governments of India, Pakistan & points east + some of ours), drug dealers, the wolves of Wall Street & the fashionistas who tell perfectly normal girls they are fat.

        Next? This is where innocent people take a hit. Very retarded or senile & others who are almost or completely helpless + anybody dying of AIDS - or anything else, I guess. Then who? Well, here we come to the great mass of foreign humanity with no prospects, a gang of kids they can't care for or educate because they are ignorant, lazy or out to breed a million little Muslims; people I will never get to know. (The very few I do know - because they made it up here - I often like a lot.) I don't want to think about them. They are just in the way. Dang, that's annoying! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Philip Seymour & the 10 others

Just read - a week after the fact - a heartfelt tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman in Time magazine. It's written by his friend & fellow addict, the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. It's down to earth & sincere & made me feel marginally better. A Late Quartet finally got to Denmark & I had just seen it when I heard the news. (My favorite remains Almost Famous. "Of course I'm home on Saturday night. I'm not cool.") Sorkin quotes Philip Seymour in one of those eerily astute statements that turn out to predict exactly what happens.

"If one of us dies of an overdose, probably 10 people who were about to won't."

Doubtless absolutely right. My daughter - who was also a big fan like me - summed it up well & directly: "What a dickhead." Yep - that he was. Even so, I wish Philip Seymour hadn't & the other 10 had. Truly unfair thought & I know it, but I also know I am not alone. Okay, 'thought' is probably the wrong word; it's something more basic, something we all feel sometimes. My further thoughts on this sort of thinking are the subject of the next blog.

Dang, Philip Seymour! I would have liked to see your King Lear.