Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Autumn

Happy autumn everyone. Today is the autumn equinox & just here a beautiful day. September is my favorite month, with golden & gray days trading off, rain & wind too, a taste of what's ending & what's soon to come. Get very impatient with folks who say that now the sun's going the wrong way, boo hoo, but shouldn't because it's their problem.

Do wish we were saying farewell to Daylight Saving Time as in years past, but now Denmark has coordinated with Southern Europe there's another month to go. Very bad news for families with children, especially school children who leave home at 8.00 only it's really 7.00 & chilly, wet grass & semi-dark. They start the day with wet feet & a jacket that's too warm, which they then ditch at the first recess & usually before their feet are dry. Ah-choo! I ran an after-school program for 4 years & have firsthand experience.

So nothing for it - we are now saving daylight until Halloween, but autumn in all its beauty is here. If you think that's cause for grouching, Get Over It.