Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pancakes for Breakfast

Our grown children (4) plus 3 significant others & 3 grandkids here for Easter. I am well aware how privileged we are that they want to come home & even be seen with us in public. Daughter + main squeeze already here so today I made pancakes for breakfast. I operate on the principle stated by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's mother: "They only have no calories if I make them for you."
    A bit of a shock to my system nevertheless, because we fasted all day yesterday, as in: several glasses of water & 3 cups of herbal tea, period. It was Good Friday & I usually do fast - not a lot to ask given the reason we celebrate Good Friday - but it's as much cleansing as Christianity. Always send a thought to the millions fasting because they haven't got food. Here it's 'interesting' to experience actual hunger, because we wellfed westerners have pretty well forgotten what that's all about. It does feel good too - afterwards.

   Give it a try & have a Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Suad & Amanda - safe after Somalia

Almost quitting time last Thursday, then Suad showed up, looking worried. We had met Suad twice before, both times with her husband. They are Somali immigrants newly arrived in Svendborg & needing some local guidance. Both speak Danish but Suad is very fluent, very lovely & pleasingly plump. (Does anybody still say that? It describes Suad.) Her hair is the original afro, bleached orangey at the tips, no headscarf. Thursday she showed up alone, bruised after a beating - not the first - by her husband. She had left in a hurry while he slept & wasn't about to go back. At the volunteer/self-help center where I work we offered food, tea & sympathy & an hour later got her on her way to a women's shelter. We enjoyed imagining her husband's rage & frustration when he realized she was gone, out of his clutches, away from the repression he thought he could keep up in Denmark. Dream on, fanatic - that's not how women behave in the west. HA!
Of course Suad is the lucky one here. She gets all the sympathy; he gets despised & laughed at. What a dickhead. Did he really think he could keep a bright woman down? When will those idiot Muslim men ever learn? If they can't deal with western values, they can beat it back where they came from. Good riddance. They are all terrorists at heart anyway, aren't they?
       Yeah, I think they are, but I begin to understand the mechanism. In the case of Somalia, it's very clear. Not only is there a civil war on & no functioning government, but their livelihood was smashed when French fishermen violated Somalia's territorial waters & other nations followed their example. Most Somali pirates are ex-fishermen out of a job; that's why they know the territory so well. The lucky ones get to Europe or the US & some do really well - like the successful Somali enclave in St. Paul, Minnesota. Four young men from that community played the pirates in Captain Philips & one was even nominated for an Oscar. Then there are the others.  
       A culture that doesn't drink even a beer & forces its women to wander around in their own pup tent is as not-Danish as you can get. There has always been plenty of sympathy for the women & children, while the men were despised. Needless to say, this makes integration a whole lot tougher than it otherwise might be, & not only that. This attitude often makes the men even more repressive to their women - who figure out fast enough that western societies are going to be a lot more fun than what they came from. Here in DK girls get better educations than boys - really keep at it & are rewarded, especially if they ditch the Muslim headscarf - which of course keeps the vicious circle turning. There are jobs for immigrant women, mainly in the public health sector. Read: nursing homes. Everybody figures women from backward cultures are born caregivers at a time when there is a shortage of young people here & a crowd of oldsters needing care. Guys aren't so lucky. There's not the big demand for unskilled & semi-literate; besides, they repress their women. Yes, it's the only way they can feel just a bit manly in a country where they are not popular, but that won't get them any points & shouldn't. They have to change their ways.

       Suad is safe now; her husband is frustrated & pathetic. Canadian Amanda Lindhout is safe too, after 15 months of Somali captivity, starting in 2008. More on that next time.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unforgivable - Utilgiveligt

There is one statement that is completely unforgivable: THAT'S JUST THE WAY I AM.

Read: I know perfectly well I should confront the characteristics that make it necessary to say this, but I am too
1. lazy
2. conceited
3. afraid
4. all of the above - however paradoxical it sounds. The human mind is capable of all sorts of excuses & self-delusion. That's just the way it is. So DO something. Even if psychoanalyzing yourself seems obnoxiously egocentric & the quest can give some silly-sounding results, it's worth it. It will eventually get you there.
THAT'S JUST THE WAY I AM is unforgiveable!

Der er én erklæring der er fuldstændig utilgiveligt: SÅDAN ER JEG BARE.

Læs: Jeg er udmærket godt klar over, at jeg burde arbejde med mig selv og de karaktertræk, der gør denne erklæring nødvendigt, men jeg er for
1. dovn
2. indbildsk
3. bange
4. dem allesammen - selvom det lyder paradoksalt. Menneskesindet er i stand til alle slags undskyldninger og selvbidrag. Det er bare sådan det er. Så GØR dog noget. Selvom selv-psykoanalyse kan virke som værre navlepilleri og søgen kan give nogle skæve resultater, er den det værd. Du når det til sidst.
SÅDAN ER JEG BARE er utilgiveligt!